As you’re going through the dreaded motions of completing your open enrollment (hang in there!) and ensuring you’ve used every scrap of your 2023 employee benefits, take a minute to also check your company’s eligibility for free professional services through Microsoft programs.

Many companies qualify for paid workshops, assessments, and service engagements through select, qualified partners. Certain partners can also provide access to incentives such as Azure credits, licenses, and additional technical delivery support.

While you’re maximizing personal benefits, let us help you get the most out of these programs.

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Security Program Highlights

One of those programs is Microsoft’s Customer Cybersecurity Investment (CSI) program, which provides complimentary security services, sponsored by Microsoft and executed by certified Microsoft Security Partners. This program helps in identifying and resolving security vulnerabilities within your M365 and/or Azure configurations. It offers customized guidance from Microsoft Security Experts, specifically tailored to meet industry-specific compliance requirements, using existing tools and services.

A Simple Process for Free Funding

  1. Check Eligibility: If your company has over 500 users of Microsoft 365 or Azure, you’re likely eligible. Simply fill out this form or drop us an email to check.
  1. Get Started: Once we confirm your eligibility, AIS security experts will guide you through the review of the security projects to choose from including:
  • Cybersecurity Assessment: A deep dive into your M365/Azure security.
  • Data Security Assessment: Assessing data risks and compliance using Microsoft Purview.
  • Threat Protection Analysis: Analyzing existing cyber threats with tools like Sentinel and Defender.
  • Sentinel Incident Analysis: Investigating existing Microsoft Sentinel incidents for early signs of attacks.

Make sure you’re making the most of these free benefits. In addition to security, there’s funding available for AI, analytics, app migration, and more. Feel free to reach out to learn more about how these services can strengthen your cloud transformation efforts and security posture this year!