We hear an awful lot about Zero Trust security these days. For some, Zero Trust may be a relatively new concept; for others, it is a term that sounds simple enough but can come at a high cost. Today’s thought leadership points to Zero Trust as one of the top methods for protecting an organization’s identities, assets, and data. But while there is a lot of information, making sense of it all may be a different story. It is why […]

Before you get started, you will need to do the following:  Import ESXi 7.0 into Lifecycle Manager Log into vCenter Server, click Menu, Lifecycle Manager We must import the ESXi 7.0 ISO image into the lifecycle manager to create an upgrade baseline. To import the ESXi 7.0 image into lifecycle Manager, Click Imported ISOs -> Click IMPORT ISO. Select the downloaded ESXi 7.0 ISO from the local disk. Click Import. This step will import the ISO image under the imported […]

In today’s digital world, passwords have become a universal language to access applications and devices. Now, many organizations are looking to employ a password-less strategy. As I wrote in a previous blog about protecting the user identity and data with Zero Trust and Microsoft Security, let us start with the basics and realize the number one asset under attack: the identity. Today, as organizations continue to plan and strategize the adoption of multi-factor authentication, users continue to authenticate with one-factor authentication […]

The Current Situation Today, organizations continue the transition to cloud computing as part of their digital transformation journey and become highly productive organizations in their respective industry. While transitioning to cloud computing demonstrates agility, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and performance, the challenge is strengthening their security foundation and reducing risk. While vendors, such as Microsoft, provide the best-in-class measures and features for tightening the organization’s security foundation, the ultimate responsibility belongs to the specific organization. Of course, organizations will take precautionary steps […]