Before you get started, you will need to do the following: 

  • Import ESXi 7.0 into Lifecycle Manager
  • Log into vCenter Server, click Menu, Lifecycle Manager

Import Lifecycle Manager

We must import the ESXi 7.0 ISO image into the lifecycle manager to create an upgrade baseline. To import the ESXi 7.0 image into lifecycle Manager, Click Imported ISOs -> Click IMPORT ISO.

Import ISO

Select the downloaded ESXi 7.0 ISO from the local disk. Click Import. This step will import the ISO image under the imported ISO of Lifecycle Manager.

Import ISO of Lifecycle Manager

Create Upgrade Baseline

Under the Imported ISOs, we can now see the ISO image of ESXi 7.0. We need to create an Upgrade baseline using the ISO. Click on New Baseline.

New ISO Baseline

Specify the name for the Baseline and description. Select the Baseline type as “Upgrade.” Click Next.

Create ESXi Baseline Upgrade

Select the ESXi 7.0 ISO image we imported in the previous step. Click Next.

Select ISO

Review the summary of the ESXi Upgrade baseline. Click Finish to create the Upgrade baseline. Put the host in maintenance mode and disable the alerts for the ESXi host.

Review ESXi Upgrade

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Attach Upgrade Baseline to Cluster

Once the Upgrade baseline is created, we need to attach the baseline to ESXi hosts or the Cluster. Here I have a cluster called “MD-VSAN-01,” which consists of 6 ESXi hosts. To attach the Baseline, Select Attach under Attached baselines.

Attach Upgrade Baseline to Cluster

Select the ESXi 7.0 Upgrade baseline, which we have created using ESXi 7.0 ISO image. Click Attach.

Attach MD-VSAN-01

Checking Compliance for ESXi Hosts with Baseline

Once the Upgrade baseline is attached to the cluster, click on Check Compliance to check the compliance of an attached Upgrade baseline with the hosts.

Check Compliance for ESXi Hosts

Once the compliance check is completed, it will show “Non-Complaint” for all the hosts in the cluster. We are now good to upgrade the ESXi hosts using the ESXi 7.0 Upgrade baseline.

Non Compliant hosts

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Remediate ESXi Hosts

You can remediate the entire cluster or individual ESXi hosts one by one. The Upgrade process will place ESXi hosts into maintenance mode one by one and upgrade the ESXi 6.7 to ESXi 7.0. To remediate individual ESXi hosts, Place the ESXi host into maintenance mode. Select the ESXi 7.0 Upgrade baseline and Click Remediate.

Remediate Cluster

Select the ESXi host -> Click Remediate

Upgrade ESXi for Compliance

It will upgrade the ESXi 6.7 to ESXi 7.0. Once the upgrade is completed, the attached Upgrade Baseline will become “Compliant.”

Running with ESXi 7.0

The ESXi host is now running with ESXi 7.0 Build 15843807.

Running Host

Once the Upgrade of ESXi hosts in the cluster is completed, the status of the entire cluster will become a “compliant” with the attached Upgrade Baseline.

Compliant Cluster with Upgrade Baseline