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    VIDEO: Build a DevOps CI/CD Pipeline In Under an Hour With VSTS

    In this video blog, I'll walk you through building a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline using the latest tools from Microsoft, including Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and Azure. The pipeline is built to support a .NET core application, and the walkthrough includes the following steps: Configuring Continuous Integration (CI) with VSTS Build…   Read more »

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    Eyes On the Prize: Focus Your DevOps Investments

    Make no mistake, most organizations and government agencies are—at least in part—software companies. The backbone of the services and products they sell, the internal business processes they use, and the customer feedback mechanisms they rely on are all built on software. Even in the age of software as a service (SaaS) – a modern organization’s portfolio…   Read more »

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    Bridging the Divide With DevOps

    DevOps is the latest catchphrase that everyone claims to be doing. Gartner recommends that “leaders wishing to create a significant, lasting impact on IT performance should look to move beyond the Bimodal paradigm in the space of months rather than years.” Leading and executing on this cultural change is very challenging in enterprise IT. The urgency…   Read more »

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    Enterprise #DevOps: A Service Catalog Driven Approach – Part II

    In Part 1 of this blog series, we outlined the case for a Service Catalog driven approach for Enterprise DevOps. At AIS, after having worked with several of our Enterprise clients with their DevOps journey, we harvested our learnings in the form of a fully managed service catalog - AIS Service Catalog (Now Zeuscale). AIS…   Read more »

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    Enterprise #DevOps: A Service Catalog Driven Approach – Part 1

    By now, DevOps is well-established within web companies, unicorns, and product companies—and especially among companies targeting the cloud. To spare you the lengthy introduction, DevOps brings “development” and “operations” together as a moniker for company-wide collaboration that will improve business agility. The key DevOps traits are: Involving Ops teams in early stages of development Focus on automating all aspects of…   Read more »

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    Event: Innovating with DevOps for Government

    The Azure Gov Community invites you to join us for the inaugural AzureGov meetup. At this event you will learn about one agency’s move to the cloud and the benefits they are realizing from the cloud. You will also learn about how the cloud can be used to improve your agency’s ability to build and deploy…   Read more »

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    Model Driven DevOps with Vishwas Lele

    What's your DevOps plan? Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell from .NET Rocks! talk to Vishwas Lele about taking a comprehensive, model-driven approach to DevOps. What does it mean to be model-driven? Working with a strategic approach that is agnostic to any given technology or platform - but in the end, the tools do matter! Vishwas talks…   Read more »

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    Creating Apps using Power Platform Build Tools

    In May, AIS held an internal hackathon for Microsoft Power Platform to expose our team to the platform, concepts, approaches through hands-on experience and to demonstrate the role Power Platform plays in modernizing legacy applications in the cloud. The DevOps team automated the portal deployment process using Power DevOps Tools and deployed the solution across three environments (dev, test, prod). Since Microsoft…   Read more »

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    How to Use Azure Management Groups

    Gain control with Azure Management Groups As enterprises start to move to Azure, managing subscriptions becomes tedious with the growing number of subscriptions. In an organization, there are usually many employees and, in some cases, many applications. If all these employees are provided Azure subscriptions and start creating Azure resources at will, it may soon become…   Read more »

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    DC #AzureGov Meetup Recap: Next Level Cloud Adoption

    Microsoft Azure Government DC is a group created for anyone in the IT world modernizing Government to bring real-world lessons to innovators in Government. AIS has supported and presented during these events since there were just five members. Now, the group is nearing 4,000. The July meetup focused on getting your agency to next-level cloud…   Read more »