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    Relational Database Versioning and DevOps

    Relational database source control, versioning, and deployments have notoriously been challenging. Each instance of the database (Dev, Test, Production) can contain different data, may be upgraded at different times, and are generally not in a consistent state. This is known as database drift. Traditional Approach and Challenges Traditionally, to move changes between each instance, a one-off “state-based”…   Read more »

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    Azure DevOps Services for Government: Access Control

    Azure DevOps provides a suite of tools that your development team needs to plan, create, and ship products. It comes in two flavors: Azure DevOps Services – the SaaS option hosted by Microsoft. Azure DevOps Server – the IaaS option hosted by you. When comparing the two to decide which option enables your team to deliver…   Read more »

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    Advancements in SharePoint Framework and DevOps for Office 365

    In this post, I will show you how DevOps practices can add value to a variety of Office 365 development scenarios. The practices we will discuss are Infrastructure as Code, Continuous Integration, and Continuous Delivery. The advances in DevOps and SharePoint Framework (SPFx) have allowed us to make advancements in the way that we develop software and have improved our efficiency. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Practicing IaC means that the infrastructure your…   Read more »

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    Top 10 Reasons to Choose YAML for Your Next Azure DevOps CI/CD Pipeline

    When Microsoft introduced pipelines as part of their Azure DevOps cloud service offering, we received the tools to add continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) practices to our development processes. An Azure DevOps pipeline can be created in two ways: 1) The current generally available "classic" pipeline tooling, and 2) the new multi-stage YAML…   Read more »

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    Azure DevOps: The Modern Way to Modernize Apps

    A big announcement from Microsoft this month: The introduction of Azure DevOps, the most complete offering of proven, modern DevOps tools and processes available in the public cloud. Used together, the Azure DevOps services span the entire breadth of the development lifecycle so enterprises can modernize apps in a faster and more streamlined way. What Is…   Read more »

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    DevOps and Digital Transformation for GEICO

    Create an on-ramp to Azure GEICO faced huge barriers to the cloud migration in terms of rewriting software, eliminating process inefficiencies, and changing cultural mindsets. We worked with GEICO to blast through those roadblocks by helping to develop more streamlined and automated procedures around infrastructure and application deployment, lifecycle management, application monitoring, and high-availability testing. Move first…   Read more »

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    With DevOps, get new products and features into customers’ hands sooner. DevOps services unify software development (Dev) and software operations (Ops). Instead of one team finishing their work and “handing it over the fence” to the other team, both teams work together, in tandem, with extensive levels of automation every step of the way. The goal of…   Read more »

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    Secure DevOps with Azure Blueprints

    AIS is pleased to announce the availability of the NIST SP 800-53 Rev 4 Azure Blueprint Architecture. (NIST SP 800-53 security controls could be an entire series of blog posts in if you want to learn more than I cover here, check out NIST’s website.) The NIST SP 800-53 Rev 4 Azure Blueprint Architecture applies a…   Read more »

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    Federal Tech Talk: Three Different Perspectives on DevOps

    AIS' principal solutions architect Brent Wodicka stopped by Federal News Radio for a discussion on DevOps with  Federal Tech Talk’s John Gilroy. They were joined by Nathen Harvey, VP of Community Development at Chef Software, and David Bock, DevOps Services Lead at Excella Consulting. Each offered a unique and practical perspective on the concept of DevOps and how it's working for…   Read more »

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    Cloud #DevOps: Bridging the “Expectations Chasm”

    The central focus of DevOps has been the continuous delivery (CD) pipeline: A single, traceable path for any new or updated version of software to move through lower environments to a higher environment using automated promotion. However, in my recent experience, DevOps is also serving as the bridge between the “expectations chasm” -- the gap…   Read more »