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Microsoft Fabric

Empower your people to bridge the gap between data and intelligence.

A new way to interact with your data with an integrated, AI-powered platform.

Organizations today are looking for better ways to unify disparate data sources, minimize security risks, improve organizational analytics, and ensure value from the solutions and insights made available to business users. At the same time, nearly every industry faces financial and skillset headwinds on top of the pressure to move faster and produce more results.

Enter Microsoft Fabric, a modern way to integrate data solutions with industry-leading, built-in security, compliance, and governance. This suite of analytics experiences works seamlessly together to provide your teams with a unified source of truth at a reasonable cost.

Everything you need in a single solution.

Microsoft Fabric is an integrated SaaS-based platform that centralizes organizational data at the heart of analytics operations. It combines OneLake for a unified data infrastructure, Purview for ongoing data governance and security, and comprehensive solutions to all your data needs.

Data Integration

with Data Factory

Data Engineering

with Synapse

Data Warehouse

with Synapse

Data Science

with Synapse

Real Time Analytics

with Synapse

Business Intelligence

with Power BI

Data access and usability across roles and industries.

Imagine your organization can embrace data democracy with modern, self-service analytics across the entire org. Build foundational capabilities for advanced AI/ML and intelligent insights that unlock outcomes like:

  • Data democracy – Modern self-service Business Intelligence with appropriate access to enterprise-ready data across your organization.
  • Foundational capability building – Create the core infrastructure, skills, and practices for future advanced AI and predictive analytics.
  • Generate insights – infuse applications with intelligence derived from data.

Microsoft Fabric offers three core capabilities.

Unify teams around a single, reliable source of information.

Microsoft Fabric offers a one-stop shop for all of your data requirements, bringing all the tools and functionality you need to one place.

  • Remove the complexities of integration.
  • Rapidly deploy analytics solutions.
  • Simplify data storage with OneLake for massive datasets.
  • Encourage broad adoption through simple sign-up and data access procedures.
  • Enable all users to work with precise, certified, and real-time data.

Realize data democratization and provide insights across your organization through access to powerful analytics tools.

From orchestrating data movement to training machine learning models, defining key metrics, collaborating via Microsoft 365, and providing unified governance, Microsoft Fabric promises seamless integration and improved efficiencies. 

With Microsoft Fabric, you can:

  • Enhance agility in organizational analytics.
  • Establish role-specific interfaces.
  • Simplify data preparation and analysis processes.
  • Enable analysts to leverage their core competencies.
  • Foster more secure collaborative efforts.

Integrate your services with an open, secure, and governed foundation.

Microsoft Fabric’s unified governance approach emphasizes robust security and compliance measures. It provides information protection using data-sensitive labeling, which helps businesses discover, classify, and protect Fabric data using sensitivity labels from Microsoft Purview Information Protection. 

Data loss prevention (DLP) policies are integral to Microsoft Fabric’s approach to data protection. These policies detect and prevent the upload of sensitive data into datasets, offering protection for data such as credit card numbers and social security numbers. 

These capabilities help you:

  • Attain comprehensive visibility and governance across your complete analytics infrastructure.
  • Ensure the security and safeguarding of your data.
  • Minimize the resources required to safeguard and manage your entire analytics platform.
  • Sustain seamless integration of partner and third-party solutions.
  • Deter unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Benefits your business can expect.

Intelligently integrate data from anywhere

Real-time code and function suggestions

Guided machine learning for deeper data insights

Rapid report creation, calculations, and data querying

Develop custom conversational experiences

Your data always remains your data​

Validated Top-Tier Microsoft Data and AI Capabilities

  • Microsoft Solution Partner Designation: Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner for Data and AI and the whole Microsoft Cloud.
  • Microsoft Data and AI Advanced Specializations: Expertise in advanced, cloud-based data and intelligence solutions.
    • AI and Machine Learning on Microsoft Azure: Enabling customer adoption of AI and implementing Azure AI solutions for machine learning, cognitive search, or cognitive services.
    • Analytics on Microsoft Azure: Deep expertise in planning and deploying Azure cloud analytics services, enabling customers to use the full breadth of their data assets to help build transformative and secure analytical solutions at enterprise scale.
    • Build and Modernize AI Apps with Microsoft Azure: Expertise in building intelligent apps across AKS, Cosmos DB, PostgreSQL, and AI.
    • Infra and Database Migration to Microsoft Azure: Expertise in migrating and optimizing Windows Server and SQL Server-based workloads, and production workloads running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) or SUSE virtual machines, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, CassandraDB, or MongoDB databases to Microsoft Azure.

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