Delve into the heart of UX innovation as we explore the impactful moments from the User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA) International conferences of 2022 and 2023. In this concise recap, we share presentations by Nikkala Thomson, Tacy Holliday, and Weimin Hou. Whether you’re a seasoned UX professional, someone navigating strategic change, or interested in future-ready insights, this article offers a glimpse into a world where UX strategies intersect with organizational success.

UXPA International has 59 chapters around the world with members from various backgrounds in more than 60 countries. UXPA supports professionals who research, design, and evaluate the UX of products and services. Topics covered at the UXPA conference include:

  • Innovation and Emerging Technologies
  • Interaction and Visual Design
  • UX Strategy
  • Tools And Techniques
  • Career Development
  • Design Psychology

While immersing themselves in knowledge-sharing sessions with fellow UX professionals, Nikkala, Tacy, and Weimin also delivered two well-attended and positively received presentations.

Presentation Overview: Better Together – Applying UX Skills to Organizational Change Management to Drive End-User Success

Presenters: Tacy Holliday and Weimin Hou

UXPA 2022 Introduction Page

In their presentation, illustrating why organizational change management (OCM) and UX should be applied together and why they are better together, Tacy and Weimin covered the following topics:

  • Why learning about OCM can be valuable for UX Professionals
  • What OCM basics are and why OCM is important
  • Which UX and OCM skills are helpful and transferrable to each other
  • How UX skills can be applied to OCM
  • What OCM resources are available for UX professionals

Even though OCM has been a well-established discipline for several decades, most attendees to this presentation were new to OCM and did not have a designated OCM team or practice within their organizations. During the presentation, Tacy and Weimin introduced OCM basics and used real examples to illustrate how OCM events could be integrated with UX activities. The synergy between UX and OCM would provide value not only to clients and end-users but also to UX professionals themselves.

This presentation provided attendees with a solid understanding of what OCM is, how they can leverage their UX skills to implement OCM, and the steps they can take to delve deeper into OCM and incorporate the new knowledge into their professional practice.

Check out the presentation slides on SlideShare: Better Together – UX & OCM.

Presentation Overview: Ready or Not? Data And Insights on The Future of UX

Presenters: Nikkala Thomson and Tacy Holliday

UXPA 2023 Introduction Page

Nikkala and Tacy’s presentation delved into an in-depth analysis of UX conference and article topics spanning from 2017 to 2022. They selected UX conferences that ranged in size, geographical spread, meeting formats, and primary focus. The articles that they reviewed and analyzed were from Scopus, a comprehensive database housing over 64 million records from 22,000 publishers. Scopus’ multidisciplinary approach facilitated sorting articles by year, keywords, and subject areas, and it has a powerful advanced search feature.

During their presentation, Nikkala and Tacy spotlighted the UX topics displaying significant positive and negative trends across the six-year period. They scrutinized the congruences and disparities between conference discussions and literature findings, raising thought-provoking questions:

  • Which UX topics are experiencing a surge in popularity across both literature and conferences?
  • Conversely, which topics exhibit divergent trajectories between the two realms?
  • How can you craft a learning plan to develop skills in one of these identified areas?

Engaging the audience actively formed a pivotal element of their presentation, encouraging attendees to contribute to the discourse through various discussion questions facilitated by the audience interaction tool, Slido.

If you’re interested in further insights, their presentation slides are available upon request.


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