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Custom Application Development That Gives You a Competitive Edge

When you need a new software solution for a business problem, you face two choices: buy or build? Buying a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) application is quicker, but only if the product meets most of your needs out-of-the-box. Through custom app development, you can successfully build an app from scratch, or customize almost any off-the-shelf product — so long as you treat it like a custom software project with a professional development approach.

Custom web application development takes a little longer, but it gives you a solution that’s tailor-made for your business. Custom-made software can be both a competitive differentiator and a productivity booster across your organization.

When you decide that you need to build a custom application, or deeply customize an off-the-shelf solution, turn to AIS. Our custom application development services is how we began and is still one of the things we do best.

Why Partner With A Custom Application Development Company?

Companies that decide to build and customize their business applications often realize that they need help, for a number of reasons:

Why Turn to AIS for App Development Services?

Our App Development Engagement Model

AIS will collaborate with you to produce an initial estimate and timeline, define teams and roles, and establish an agile custom app development process that meets your needs.

Personal envisioning session

Custom application development with AIS will most likely begin with an envisioning engagement. This short 3 to 4-week engagement is designed to reduce risk by thoroughly identifying needs. AIS takes the time to understand your business processes, problems, and constraints before writing a single line of code. We’ll then create a detailed app development proposal that outlines the solution architecture, timeline, and budget.