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Turn Untapped Data & Analytics Into Competitive Insights with Custom Built, BI Dashboard Solutions

If you digitized key business processes years ago, you probably have reams of data about many aspects of your business. However, are you using it or wasting that data?

With the advent of cloud computing, cheap cloud storage, and affordable business intelligence (BI) tools, sophisticated data analysis is within reach of any organization. Through our business intelligence and data analytics consulting, we can help identify trends and predict the future. Most importantly, with new tools, every department in your organization can make decisions based on facts, not guesswork.

AIS’ business intelligence and analytics consulting services can help you take untapped data and turn it into valuable insights that will help you guide your business into the future. With easy-to-use query tools, your employees can mine this data themselves to make better decisions every day.

Why the Excitement About Business Intelligence & Big Data Analytics?

Business moves too fast, the competition has gotten too intense, and the stakes are too high to manage by gut instinct anymore. Every employee in every department needs to make decisions based on facts, not hunches.

Just a few years ago, however, business intelligence (BI) and data analytics solutions were expensive and difficult to use. All data analysis requests had to go through the IT “priesthood,” which had a months-long backlog of such requests. Managers were forced to make best-guess decisions, or spend hours analyzing spreadsheets because they didn’t have ready access to the data they needed.

That’s changed.

Modern big data and analytics solutions are easier to use and more affordable than ever, putting business intelligence in the hands of just about every organization. With BI tools, you can:

Why Choose AIS for BI & Data Analytics Consulting?

AIS has years of experience designing business intelligence and big data analytics solutions. Our sweet spot is our ability to create BI solutions for legacy line-of-business applications that have stubbornly hoarded their data secrets. Our experienced business and data analysts know how to crack these complex systems, access their hidden gems, and make their data accessible to your employees through easy-to-use BI tools and dashboard solutions.

Benefits of Working with AIS