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Microsoft Azure Managed Services

Microsoft Azure Managed Services

Applied Information Sciences (AIS) helps businesses optimize their IT operations and provide maximum business value through the re-evaluation, improvement and automation of their business processes using cloud computing technologies. Our technical depth and years of proven enterprise systems development experience allows AIS to assist enterprises in planning, building and managing their cloud-based initiatives. By focusing on the Microsoft Azure platform, AIS is able to provide our customers with the targeted, actionable experiences and skills necessary for success. Whether your deployment has a few users or a few thousand users, AIS can help your business maximize its return on investment and minimize deployment costs.

Our Capabilties

  • Strategy – “Move, Enhance, and Transform” – This service helps clients understand which applications are a good fit for the cloud, and it recommends proof-of-concepts and roadmap based on cost-benefit analysis and how the platform is likely to evolve in the future.
  • Proof-Of-Concept – This service helps clients to develop short-term proof-of-concepts to validate cloud platform concepts before embarking on a full-scale production development effort.
  • Project Support – This service offers a full range of project development services from conception to design and implementation leveraging appropriate IaaS and PaaS cloud platform capabilities.
  • Multi-Tenant SaaS Architecture and Implementation – The strategies for developing multi-tenant software-as-a-service solutions can differ dramatically from building traditional single use line-of-business applications. We have developed our own SaaS solutions and worked with a variety of ISVs to help them design, implement and deploy their SaaS offerings.
  • Azure Managed Services – We take responsibility for all aspects of operating and maintain your public cloud platform, including billing, monitoring, helpdesk support, backup and D/R solutions as well as solution maintenance.

Our Envisoning Offerings

AIS has developed a wide variety of Azure Website-based solutions for numerous marquis clients including traditional line of business applications, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions as well as public websites. Our clients include Pandora Jewelry, the NFL Players Association, Conde Nast, Wenner Media and Sterling Sound. We have expertise in developing rich content-management style solutions that incorporate digital audio and video as well as on-premises integration and complex enterprise authentication/authorization scenarios. We also have expertise in managing and operating these environment and providing 24×7 SLAs.

AIS allows organizations working with us for the first time an opportunity to “try us out” before committing to a long term and expensive project. Here is a list of our Microsoft Azure envisioning offerings.

  • SharePoint in the Cloud – If your organization is searching for methods to deploy Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Standard or Enterprise into a Microsoft Azure IaaS environment, then you’re headed in the right direction. Learn more
  • SQL Server in the Cloud – We’ll work with you to get SQL Server in Windows Azure appropriately configured and running with high availability and cross-premises connectivity. AIS will also assist you in taking advantage of SQL Server and Windows Azure to meet your DR/High availability needs as a hybrid-IT solution. Learn more
  • Application Development and Testing in the Cloud – We will provide simple setup, including scripts for provisioning as well as cost analysis, which would also include implications of MSDN pricing. Learn more
  • Microsoft Azure Media Services Quick Start – In addition to a seamless configuration, this offering integrates with existing Intranets and websites. This tool will also reduce the code your programmers need to write to manage digital assets. Learn more