2019: AIS Blog Year in Review

It’s been a transformational year at AIS. We worked on some incredible projects with great clients, partners, and co-workers. We learned a lot! And we enjoyed telling you all about it here on the AIS Blog.

As we close out the year, here are the top 10 most read and shared posts of 2019*:

  1. Federated Authentication with a SAML Identity Provider, by Selvi Kalaiselvi
  2. Newly Released JSON Function for Power Apps, by Yash Agarwal
  3. So, You Want to Rehost On-Premises Applications in the Cloud? Here’s How., by Nasir Mirza
  4. Highly-Available Oracle DB on Azure IaaS, by Ben Brouse
  5. The New Windows Terminal – Install, Interact, and Customize, by Clint Richardson
  6. Cloud Transformation Can Wait… Get Me to the Cloud Now!, by Vishwas Lele
  7. HOW TO: Create an Exact Age Field in Microsoft PowerApps and Dynamics, by Chris Hettinger
  8. SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Innovation Project Part I, by Nisha Patel, Elaine Krause, and Selvi Kalaiselvi
  9. Azure Sentinel: A Tip of the Microsoft Security Iceberg, by Benyamin Famili
  10. What Is API Management?, by Udaiveer Virk

Happy New Year to all our readers and bloggers! Be sure to follow AIS on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn so you’ll never miss an insight. Perhaps you’ll even consider joining our team in 2020?

*We feature each of our bloggers once on the top 10 list, but we had a few top posts we would be remiss not to mention, including another blog from Yash Agarwal on How To Use Galleries in Power Apps and two more posts from Vishwas Lele, Oracle Database as a Service on Azure (Almost!) and Traffic Routing in Kubernetes via Istio and Envoy Proxy. Enjoy!