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Robust cloud infrastructure solutions that enable accelerated cloud outcomes.

Delivering business success with improved IT costs, performance, and agility.

AIS has a proven methodology and toolset for providing modern cloud infrastructure solutions. With extensive experience in both Terraform and Bicep, we can quickly deploy cloud infrastructure, ensuring efficient, reliable, and secure operations.

Our Cloud Delivery Framework (CDF) empowers implementation teams to accelerate delivery, reduce costs, and provide our customers with high-quality services. This framework provides standard processes, templates, and tools that help us deliver consistent solutions at scale. By leveraging this approach, AIS helps organizations achieve their business goals faster and with less risk.

Proven results for all types of organizations.

With a proven track record in highly regulated industries, we’ve become a trusted partner for hundreds of commercial and government customers. Our expertise enables us to address the unique challenges organizations face in all sectors when adopting the cloud.

Global Engineering Organization Scales Cloud Services Across 15 Business Units

Global Engineering Organization Scales Cloud Services Across 15 Business Units

A global technology, defense, and engineering group needed help migrating the IT workloads of fifteen business units to the cloud, scaling shared services, reducing technical debt, and mitigating corporate risk.

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Investors Bank Seamlessly Transforms its Data Center using Azure VMware Solution

Bank Seamlessly Transforms its Data Center using Azure VMware Solution

Investors Bank needed help to transition its IT infrastructure to the cloud after experiencing latency issues. They needed a refresh without compromising their position in the competitive marketplace or their customers’ experiences.

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Navigate Complex Security and Compliance Frameworks

Helping a US Military Branch March into the Cloud

A branch of the US Armed Services had thousands of disparate computer systems that it wanted to move to the public cloud to reduce costs, increase agility, and speed innovation after an attempt to migrate to Amazon Web Services (AWS) stalled due to a lack of automation and overemphasis on IaaS.

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A streamlined, well-defined approach to help you adopt the cloud.


Begin with a discovery and envisioning session to develop a roadmap that meets your budget, timeline, and motivations for cloud transformation.

Educate & Assess

Our in-depth educational engagements cover concepts and common challenges with cloud adoption, followed by one or more assessments of your environment, app portfolio, data, or security.

Architect & Implement

Based on your current and projected needs, a foundational design and governance approach is established in an architectural design session. The build-out and implementation follow this up.

Migrate & Modernize

Prove and validate the platform using a lead horse application before migrating your workloads, modernizing in Azure, or reimagining the applications with the latest cloud services.

Automate & Scale

Scale your cloud quickly with automated provisioning and tooling to build or migrate compliant and innovative applications.

Evolve & Maintain

Continue to evolve, innovate, maintain, and elevate your team with support from our Managed Services team for operations and maintenance.

Better, faster cloud outcomes with CDF.

Cloud adoption backed by experience.

The market moves fast. Your mission needs change. Technology updates happen each day, hour, minute. You can’t afford the cost of slow cloud progress; our mission is to deliver faster business outcomes. We took the saying “work smarter, not harder” and put it into practice with our opinionated guidance and resources on how our clients can successfully modernize their organizations in the cloud.

Our CDF captures our experience executing enterprise cloud projects to deliver better results for our customers. This ever-evolving framework combines AIS best practices collected from these experiences with techniques presented in Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) in the areas of:

  • Cloud strategy and readiness
  • Workload landing zone construction
  • Application migration
  • Data and AI
  • Cloud security and compliance
CDF Homepage Screenshot March 2021
CDF Backlog

Guidance and resources sourced from experience.

Kick-off projects with a concrete set of tasks that can be used to orchestrate projects and guidance backed by a Git repository. Our project managers, technical leads, and engineers are supported by a concrete backlog of work that can be used to orchestrate a successful cloud adoption engagement without relying on full-time support from subject matter experts (SMEs).

The expertise of these SMEs is well documented, extending their knowledge of successful cloud project execution, lessons learned, best practices, and artifacts. Teams are armed with initial backlogs, deliverable samples, starter files, and other supporting content to accompany the backlog, fully adaptable to client requirements.

Teams across our company can contribute to the internally open-sourced framework. From consultants to deeply technical engineers, our teams are helping AIS deliver better, faster cloud outcomes for our clients.

Empower your business with Microsoft cloud expertise.


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Modernize your business with the help of Microsoft experts.

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Infrastructure is the first step in realizing cloud value.

App Development

Expert-level application development services to drive your business goals.

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Cloud Innovation

Accelerate your business goals and outpace the competition with expert cloud innovation services.

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Data Platforms

Unlock success with help from AIS to build a cloud-native, AI-enabled data platform.

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Use natural language for next-generation impact on productivity, outcomes, and mission.

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