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Multi-Cloud Strategy

Accelerating Innovation with Multi-Cloud Solutions

No single cloud can do everything. Organizations are moving to multi-cloud environments to drive technological advancements across their technology stack, leveraging the cloud platforms that best support their applications and solutions.

Multi-cloud strategies may offer flexibility and optimization of cloud solutions while reducing the cost and complexity of infrastructure. AIS supports organizations with Microsoft Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud workloads, and hybrid environments. We continue to invest in keeping up with advances across the multi-cloud spectrum and maintaining deep expertise in Microsoft cloud platforms.

Cloud Technology

Multi-Cloud Environments

We partner with other outstanding companies around the world to offer complete end-to-end solutions in business applications.

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Why Use the Strategy

Why Should You Consider Multi-Cloud?

Your IT needs to be dynamic. Companies are leaning towards leveraging two or more cloud computing platforms to perform various tasks based on user needs. Companies should not be forced to sacrifice savings and seamless capabilities like those in a single-cloud environment. Multi-cloud offers the distribution of computing resources while minimizing downtime and data loss across private and public clouds. At AIS, we believe in embracing cloud-native patterns to position our customers for cloud portability – should they choose to go that direction in the future.

Our Multi-Cloud Platform Management Approach

Given the high cost of supporting a second (or more) clouds, most organizations have adopted a primary and secondary cloud provider model. At the same time, these organizations allow workloads to be directed to the secondary cloud as needed. AIS helps organizations build a high degree of automation maturity around the primary cloud to support multi-cloud endeavors.

Our approach includes:

  • Cloud-native patterns
  • Multi-cloud control plane, such as Azure Arc
  • Cloud agnostic automation framework, like Terraform and Pulumi

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