How do you keep great clients coming back for more?  Do great work.  And thanks to the great work our team did developing and implementing a new player management system for the NFLPA, we’re now working with the Trust to develop a website, available on multiple platforms, to maintain active engagement with former NFL players.  Read on to learn more, or visit: 

The Challenge

The Trust is a new agency, operating programs and services that provide former National Football League (NFL) players with the support, skills and tools to help ensure success in life after football. Once a player has moved on from his football career, he continues to receive benefits from The Trust.

Based on the Trust’s requirements, we needed to develop a site with the following criteria:

  • Responsive web design
  • Mobile access
  • Accessibility across platforms and major browsers


We delivered a website, hosted in Rackspace, based on ASP.NET MVC4 and SQL Server technologies, as requested. The site was developed using Orchard 1.7.1, a free, open-source content management system, allowing non-technical users to be able to manage every aspect of the website. The CMS tool allows authorized staff to modify content using a WYSIWYG editor, while also supporting raw HTML authoring and file upload and multimedia storage capabilities. Web editors are be able to create new pages and sections on the fly using the CMS as well.

Value Derived

The new program/site is available for any former player (of at least two years in the league) and includes services that provide assistance with the following:

  • Travel arrangements
  • Healthcare
  • Financial guidance
  • Nutrition help
  • Lifestyle advice

While former players have access to a wide array of services, we’ve also ensured that the site is user-friendly on the back and front ends with the following features:

  • Accessibility across multiple browsers and mobile platforms
  • Video playback
  • Integration with the Social Solutions ETO product to provide player profile information
  • A dynamic site map that utilizes information from the ETO systems
  • Support for a chat capability
  • An architecture that supports the development of mobile apps to support