It’s been another great year here at AIS. We worked on some really cool projects with really great clients, and enjoyed telling you about all about it here on the AIS Blog. Perhaps you’ll consider joining our team in 2019?

As we close out 2018, here are the top 10 most read and shared blog posts we published this year:

  1. Working With Powerapps and Flow, by Jeff Myers
  2. HOW TO: Build an Intranet With SharePoint Modern Sites (Parts One, Two and Three!), by Christine Rabine
  3. An Introduction to Azure Data Lake, by Matthew Dupré
  4. How to Enable TLSv1.2 in Jenkins for SMTP, by Pranav Jituri
  5. Introduction to the Power Platform & How It’s Changing SharePoint-Based Development, by Vishwas Lele
  6. Global VNet Peering in Azure, by Steven Walter
  7. A “Modernize-by-Shifting” App Modernization Approach, by Vishwas Lele
  8. Use Consul to Build Scalable, Reliable Services, by Madhukar Gilla
  9. Drupal Lift and Shift Migration to the Cloud Leveraging Azure Web App for Containers, by Pranav Jituri
  10. Hands On With Microsoft Power Platform, by Patrick O’Gorman

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