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    Using DocuSign Checkbox Merge Fields in Dynamics 365

    To benefit the most from this post, you should understand the following concepts: Dynamics CRM Workflows DocuSign Integration with Dynamics CRM DocuSign merge fields and merge-back The Problem I recently experimented with integrating DocuSign with Dynamics 365 -- specifically, the merging of data into a DocuSign form and then writing the data back into Dynamics. After reading…   Read more »

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    NFLPA Scores a Big Win With Dynamics 365

    AIS' work with the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) was showcased as a Microsoft Featured Case Study. This customer success story was our most recent project with NFLPA, as they've sought our help to modernize multiple IT systems and applications over the years. We were proud to tackle the latest challenge: Creating a single, shared player…   Read more »

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    Dynamics 365 Application Development

    Transform Your Business with Dynamics 365 Solutions Is your business still mired in paper-based processes? Are important details about sales deals, customer relationships, and contracts squirreled away on individual employee computers where no one can find them? Are you paying a lot of money for a customer relationship management (CRM) system that no one uses? Then it’s…   Read more »

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    Wildcard Lookup Implementation in Microsoft Power Apps and Dynamics

    Executive Summary This blog post is for Power Apps developers as well as end-users that are looking for a wildcard-like solution for Lookup controls in Microsoft Power App and Dynamics. It begins by describing the problem that a client had with finding records where only part of the name was known. Next, it covers the workarounds…   Read more »

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    HOW TO: Create an Exact Age Field in Microsoft Power Apps and Dynamics

    I recently encountered an issue when trying to create an Exact Age column for a contact in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. There were several solutions available on the internet, but none of them was a good match for my specific situation. Some ideas I explored included: Creating a calculated field using the formula DiffInDays(DOB, Now()) /…   Read more »

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    Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Online and Yammer Integration

    Many organizations are utilizing both CRM 2013 Online and Yammer Enterprise. For those that are, or are planing to in the future, here is a quick guide on getting these two products integrated. Before you get started, here are a few things to keep in mind. (more…)…   Read more »

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    A Cloud Solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online

    I just finished working on a proof of concept using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. The application needed to support the activities of a crime investigation unit in the government. As a devoted Lennie Briscoe fan, I felt I knew my way around a crime scene...but what I didn’t know was CRM. As it turned out, it didn’t…   Read more »

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    Rehost on Azure

    Our Approach Our Rehost Migration approach helps you to initiate ​your cloud journey​ on Microsoft technologies to accelerate cloud transformation. We initiate direct-to-cloud migrations that move apps without any code modification—and deliver fast results, while honing a long-term strategy for transformation, including refactoring, replacing apps, and reimagining approaches.​ AIS can help you with the following scenarios: Rehost…   Read more »

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    Operations and Maintenance Services

    Services to Support and Scale With an ever-changing cloud landscape, enterprises are becoming more dependent on their internal IT to deliver business-critical services and competencies. Organizations large and small trust our experience and reliable Managed Services to shift costs from operations to innovation, streamline maintenance, improve efficiency, and better control costs. Our services provide your organization with security, performance…   Read more »

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    Power Platform Adoption Framework

    Enable Enterprise Power Platform Adoption Discover the start to finish approach to adopting Power Platform at scale in our free white paper download More and more organizations are transforming their business in the cloud, modernizing their legacy applications with enterprise-grade capabilities, and bringing rogue IT and quasi-apps out of the shadows. They are empowering citizen developers to…   Read more »