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    Getting Started with Power BI Reports in SharePoint Online

    Do your users want reports in SharePoint? Yes! They crave reports and charts. Regardless of which version of SharePoint they are using, getting started now to build their data visualizations in Power BI will position the reports for seamless migration to future SharePoint versions. These are the necessary steps to take to add a simple…   Read more »

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    Analyzing Azure Billing and Usage Data with Power BI

    As organizations move and provision resources in Microsoft Azure they find themselves with the need to analyze and monitor resource consumption for trends, review billing data to get a pulse on the organization’s return on cloud spend, and be in a better position to predict and manage operational costs. Billing and resource usage data in Azure…   Read more »

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    Using Power Apps & Flow to Create Line of Business “Portals” (Webinar Recap)

    Yesterday I had the pleasure to present a webinar on building LOB “portals” using Microsoft Power Apps and Flow. Here is a quick background on why we think this is an import topic when it comes to the overall theme of digital transformation. (The full webinar is embedded below, should you wish to explore further.)…   Read more »

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    Webinar: Using Power Apps & Flow to Create Line of Business “Portals”

    Join us tomorrow for a free webinar with AIS' CTO and Microsoft MVP Vishwas Lele on Microsoft Power Apps and Flow. This webinar is designed to show you how to easily create Power Apps applications, and how to best take advantage of the recently introduced Power Apps custom visual for Power BI. Vishwas will showcase a…   Read more »

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    Meeting New Needs Quickly with a COVID Response Solution on Power Platform

    Build a solution to instill trust It was early in the pandemic; people were scared, chaos and uncertainty were rampant, and a lack of global trust was evident. Without a way to vet and validate health solutions from other countries, pandemic response officials couldn’t be sure whether those solutions would help or hurt patients in receiving…   Read more »

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    Global Financial Services Firm Enables Citizen and Enterprise Application Development with Power Platform

    Our client, a Global Risk Management, Insurance, and Advisory Firm, is a massive organization with lots of subsidiaries. Many teams operate autonomously. When they reached out to AIS with interest in adopting Power Platform, it was clear that they needed a plan for governance, security, and adoption at scale. AIS worked with the firm to…   Read more »

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    Pluralsight Course: Intelligent Automation, RPA and beyond with Power Automate

    Pluralsight Course Overview Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been a top tech trend over the last few years, and we are seeing great interest in augmenting RPA with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make automation more resilient. While Power Automate (previously called Flow) has been around for a while, RPA capabilities have been a recent addition, allowing…   Read more »

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    A Bird’s Eye View of Microsoft 365 Policies

    Cloud Application development has blown up to the point that it has increased the vital need for enterprise mobility and security solutions to manage people, devices, apps, and data for all organizations' sizes. Additionally, the pandemic has led to businesses' need to increasingly offer remote working options that facilitate employees to use their personal or…   Read more »

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    Leading Energy Provider Powers its Workforce with DevOps, CI/CD, and Automation

    Using CI/CD to deliver better products, faster We used automation tools to create integrated build and test processes with a focus on a software-defined life cycle that facilitates a seamless transition from development to deployment. The introduction of CI/CD practices resulted in agility with software changes that could reach production more frequently and without as much…   Read more »

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    Azure Bicep: Simplifying the Experience

    Introduction Azure Bicep is a new declarative Domain Specific Language (DSL) for provisioning the Azure resources. The purpose of Azure Bicep is to simplify the authoring experience with a cleaner syntax and the potential for more code re-use. This new language aims to make it easier to write Infrastructure as Code (IaC) for developers and DevOps…   Read more »