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    Analyzing Azure Billing and Usage Data with Power BI

    As organizations move and provision resources in Microsoft Azure they find themselves with the need to analyze and monitor resource consumption for trends, review billing data to get a pulse on the organization’s return on cloud spend, and be in a better position to predict and manage operational costs. Billing and resource usage data in Azure…   Read more »

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    Using Power Apps & Flow to Create Line of Business “Portals” (Webinar Recap)

    Yesterday I had the pleasure to present a webinar on building LOB “portals” using Microsoft Power Apps and Flow. Here is a quick background on why we think this is an import topic when it comes to the overall theme of digital transformation. (The full webinar is embedded below, should you wish to explore further.)…   Read more »

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    Webinar: Using Power Apps & Flow to Create Line of Business “Portals”

    Join us tomorrow for a free webinar with AIS' CTO and Microsoft MVP Vishwas Lele on Microsoft Power Apps and Flow. This webinar is designed to show you how to easily create Power Apps applications, and how to best take advantage of the recently introduced Power Apps custom visual for Power BI. Vishwas will showcase a…   Read more »

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    Leading Insurance Provider Modernizes InfoPath Inventory with Power Platform

    Empowering Progress A well-known insurance organization reached out to AIS for help modernizing their InfoPath inventory. Over years of efforts to empower its staff, the company had built thousands of on-premises InfoPath forms with varying degrees of complexity across groups and business processes. However, these forms were time-consuming to create and update, and the data that…   Read more »

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    Power Platform Adoption Framework

    Enable Enterprise Power Platform Adoption Discover the start to finish approach to adopting Power Platform at scale in our free white paper download More and more organizations are transforming their business in the cloud, modernizing their legacy applications with enterprise-grade capabilities, and bringing rogue IT and quasi-apps out of the shadows. They are empowering citizen developers to…   Read more »

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    Microsoft Power Platform & Azure Development Series: Part One

    Leveraging the Power Platform and Microsoft Azure to connect housing agencies and intermediaries with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Intro The US Department of Housing and Urban Development runs a program known as the Housing Counseling Program that aids housing agencies around the nation through things like grants and training. These agencies provide tremendous…   Read more »

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    AIS is the Microsoft Partner of the Year for Power Apps and Power Automate

    Applied Information Sciences (AIS) has been recognized as the Microsoft Partner of the Year (2020) for Power Apps and Power Automate! This is an exciting award for our company and one which we are honored to receive. AIS has a long history helping customers in large, global, and often regulated industries work through their cloud…   Read more »

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    Power Platform Governance Power Pass

    Secure Your Business Application Platform with Proper Governance Establishing enterprise management, governance, security, and other technical infrastructure before you begin to build solutions and roll out to users is important. We wrote the book on Power Platform adoption, enterprise management, and governance. Our Power Pass service puts our expertise to work for you alongside Microsoft's "Center…   Read more »

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    Power Platform Accelerator

    Accelerate cloud transformation on Power Platform in less than two weeks. Accelerate your organization's cloud transformation with a two-to-five-day workshop designed to educate and build excitement and understanding around the Platform. In these sessions, we identify challenges and create a customized plan to empower your users to build using Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI. Let’s…   Read more »

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    Enhance Collaboration and Teamwork with MS Teams and Power Platform

    In this post let’s see how Microsoft Teams’ capability to embed tools and applications on Teams channels can be leveraged to enhance collaboration and visibility within a team. We will create a Power App to record Objectives and Key Results (OKR) of employees and teams. We then create a Power BI report to better visualize the…   Read more »