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    Highlights from the Microsoft BUILD 2019 Conference

    I was fortunate enough to attend the Microsoft BUILD 2019 Conference in Seattle this year – the company’s annual developer conference. There was a lot of excitement and a TON of great information to consume; from both the scheduled sessions and one-on-one conversations with product team representatives. So I’m wrapping up BUILD 2019 with some…   Read more »

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    What Every Developer Ought to Know About #deeplearning and #neuralnetwork

    On December 15th, I had the pleasure of presenting a session of “Introduction to Deep Learning” at the recently held #globalAIBootcamp (an amazing event with 68 participating locations worldwide). This blog post captures some of the key points from my presentation. Feel free to go directly to the slides located here. Before I begin, I would like…   Read more »

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    Azure Government HackFest & Training

    I had the opportunity to attend the first Azure Government HackFest & Training on June 7 and June 8, 2017 with several of my AIS colleagues (Jonathan Eckman, Nicolas Mark, and Brian Rudolph) and it did not disappoint. This event was a great opportunity for me personally to learn more about Azure and spend some…   Read more »

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    #AzureGovMeetup Recap: Achieving Governance in Today’s Cloud Era

    With the ever-increasing complexity and proliferation of data, protecting our nation’s most valuable information is not an easy task. In response to this growing challenge, this month’s Microsoft Azure Government DC Meetup covered practical strategies for governance to help attendees prepare for today’s cloud era. A great group of government/industry professionals and governance subject matter experts…   Read more »

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    Got Bot? Building A Conversational UX With the Bot Framework

    In an earlier blog I gave an overview of the Microsoft Bot Framework. Today we’ll take a look at the developer experience, building a starter bot, and integrating LUIS. Let’s Build a Bot! Let’s build a simple bot to test drive some of the features of the Bot Framework and LUIS. (more…)…   Read more »

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    A News Aggregator Built with Azure Machine Learning for a Federal Client

    An Azure Machine Learning News Aggregator Solution Here is an overview of a personalized, machine-curated delivery of news and related significant data in the public domain powered by Azure Machine Learning and Azure Cognitive Services, built by AIS. A Little Background Today’s 24-hour news cycle produces a vast amount of publicly available information about events occurring all over…   Read more »

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    The Bot Framework

    Innovations in devices, platforms and applications have advanced many user experiences – and user expectations. Voice activated digital assistants like Siri and Cortana have given users new ways to interact with services and information. In light of this, interfaces like trusty web forms may seem a bit dated… perhaps it’s time to consider a more natural,…   Read more »

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    A Use Case for Containers in a Multi-Platform Environment

    I support projects where we have platforms like SharePoint, are looking towards adopting PowerApps, and have Azure Government subscriptions. While learning about containers, I wondered where they could fit into an environment where many applications are developed on top of SharePoint. This helped me better understand containers and discover the perfect use case. I thought…   Read more »

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    Build an Intelligent Twitter Bot with LUIS, Logic & Function Apps

    Did you know you can build an intelligent twitter bot and run it for just pennies a month using Azure's Logic and Function apps, coupled with Microsoft's Language Understanding Intelligence Service (LUIS)? LUIS can "read" a tweet and determine the tweet's sentiment with a little help from you. Run selected tweets through your LUIS app,…   Read more »

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    Recap: Azure Cloud Solution Architect Master Class

    I just finished teaching my Azure Master Class for Cloud Solution Architects and wanted to provide a quick recap: Motivation The motivation for organizing this class was three-fold: Like many companies, AIS has many open CSA (Cloud Solution Architect) positions that we are unable to fill. So the only solution is to take folks with a strong…   Read more »