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    Azure VM Disk Encryption using Deployment Scripts in ARM Templates

    Have you been in a situation where an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template with Azure Blueprint is the only option available for Infrastructure as Code (IaC) deployment? Have you realized that certain operations during deployment are not possible with an ARM template? Have you been in a situation that PowerShell or Azure CLI can get…   Read more »

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    Ignite 2017: ARM & Compliance

    At our second session for Microsoft Ignite, Jason McNutt and I discussed Azure Resource Manager (ARM) and Compliance. We showed attendees how to develop ARM templates that are compliant out of the box, with security standards such as FISMA and FedRAMP. Additionally, we went over how to automatically generate security control documentation based on ARM…   Read more »

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    Automated Deployments with Azure Resource Manager Templates, Azure Automation & Octopus Deploy (Part Three)

    Please read Part One and Part Two.  Part 3: Azure Automation, Azure RunBooks, and Octopus Deploy With just PowerShell and an Azure ARM template, we can kick off a deployment in just a few minutes. But there are still some manual steps involved – you still need to login to your Azure subscription, enter a command to…   Read more »

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    Automated Deployments with Azure Resource Manager Templates, Azure Automation, & Octopus Deploy (Part Two)

    (Part One of this series can be found here.) Deploying Azure ARM Templates with PowerShell After you’ve created your template, you can use PowerShell to kick off the deployment process. PowerShell is a great tool with a ton of features to help automate Azure processes. In order to deploy Azure ARM Templates with PowerShell, you will need…   Read more »

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    Automated Deployments with Azure Resource Manager Templates, Azure Automation & Octopus Deploy (Part One)

    (Don't miss Part Two and Part Three of this series!) Early in my web development career, I always tried to avoid deployment work. It made me uneasy to watch other developers constantly bang their heads against their desks, frustrated with getting our app deployed to whatever cloud service we were using at the time. Deployment work…   Read more »

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    A Case for Azure API Management Service

    Azure API Management service has been around since 2014. AIS has been implementing solutions using Azure API Management for almost as long. I am working on a project that recently introduced new requirements that seemed like a good fit for API Management, so we looked into it. As a result, we decided to use Azure…   Read more »

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    Visual Studio Code for DevOps Engineers

    From C# Developer to DevOps Engineer Over the last couple of years, I’ve become a DevOps Engineer after having been primarily a C# developer. Instead of primarily C# and SQL, I was now working almost exclusively with JSON, YAML, and PowerShell. While I was very familiar with Visual Studio 2013/2015/2017 and its excellent support for the…   Read more »

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    Azure Resource Manager Template Toolkit and Pester Fundamentals

    Testing is and has always been a necessary action when writing code or creating templates. Throughout the history of writing code, tools have made it easier and more foolproof for developers to complete tasks and get increasingly better at test-driven development. During some time, I researched and was asked to add content to the Knowledge…   Read more »

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    Azure Spring Cloud Review

    Spring Framework is one of the most popular frameworks for application development using Java. Spring Boot is one of the top modules of Spring Framework, which is widely used to build enterprise-grade highly scalable backend applications. Spring Boot is very popular to develop microservices using open-source technologies, and its Pivotal Team develops it. Microsoft and Pivotal/VMware…   Read more »

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    Infrastructure as Code in the Wild West

    I am currently working as a development operation engineer at a client that maintains a large and complex infrastructure with an even more complicated development workflow. Cloud infrastructure had already been provisioned, and several development cycles had been completed when I joined the team a couple of years ago. As a result, I came into…   Read more »