CensusMapper is a Windows 8 app that retrieves U.S. Census Data using the recently released Census API and displays that data on a map using Microsoft’s Bing Maps API. The application is built using XAML and C#. The intent of this version is to establish a proof of concept as well as introduce a design and user-experience direction to be explored and evolved going forward. Upon startup, the app retrieves the population counts for each U.S. State and displays those counts […]

Today is the official start of the 2012 Baltimore and Southwest Ohio GiveCamps.  For the second year in a row, AIS is providing support and sponsorship for these amazing weekend long events! But what exactly is GiveCamp? Well, GiveCamp is a 100% volunteer-driven event in which technology talent, media and branding gurus, business professionals and logistical coordinators donate their time and partner with local charities and non-profit organizations to allow coding miracles to happen.  All too often non-profit organizations and […]

Thanks to everyone who joined us for AIS and Microsoft’s Introduction to Azure IaaS event last month. As promised (and for anyone who missed it), here’s the full presentation from Vishwas Lele and Jack O’Connell. Click through the slideshow below, and feel free to ask any follow-up questions in the comments or contact us. If you’re in the Philadelphia area, Vishwas and Jack will be presenting this session again TOMORROW at Microsoft’s Malvern, PA office. All the details on that event can be […]

At AIS, we are often asked by our customers to put together a quick prototype very early in the envisioning phase of a project. The main objective is to determine if the proposed set of technologies will address the key requirements. Having a “working” piece of software this early (despite all the scaffolding needed to make the prototype work) helps the stakeholders make a decision whether to go with a certain technology set or not.  This is especially true if a number of competing solutions […]

Happy Friday! Here are some of the latest posts by AIS employees from around the web and their personal blogs: Using Git-Tf: Suppress the TFS Warning When Loading a Solution: Using Git-TF? Getting annoying TFS warnings in Visual Studio? Senior Software Engineer Kip Streithorst can help. (It’s Null?) Fight Clutter and Confusion in the Workplace. The Importance of Process Streamlining and How to Do It: Developer Terra Gilbert has discovered a natural knack for process streamlining and improving documentation. Here […]

This is the second of a multipart series on the exciting new features of SQL Server 2012. Currently AIS is assisting a performing arts center with an upgrade to SQL Server 2012. During the research for this project I have had a chance to deploy many of these new features. These posts will highlight the best of what SQL Server 2012 has to offer. Now that we’ve already discussed AlwaysOn High Availability, today I want to talk about the changes […]

The Daily Scrum, sometimes referred to as the Daily Standup, is a simple activity most teams have adopted or experimented with at some point.  In most instances, the extent of their guidance is to limit the gathering to 15 minutes and to answer three questions: What did you do yesterday? What will you do today? What impediments do you have? Most leaders will jump at a chance for their teams to share this type of information and communicate every day. […]

I was recently asked to write my own custom performance metric and publish it to Amazon’s CloudWatch using PowerShell. Part I: How do I get this thing running already? I initially used this blog post as a general guide, but since I had some experience with PowerShell already, the real learning part for me was how to call the API through .NET. (There is a second part, which actually shows you how to publish the metric. Unfortunately, his test “Tutorial” […]

If you have found yourself thinking… “We want the cloud to be a seamless extension of our data center, not a walled garden. We want to use our existing IT setup and tools (AD, SCOM etc.) to manage the on-premises and cloud-based applications.” “We want seamlessly move virtual machines from on-premises to the cloud and back.” “We want to start out by moving existing applications to the cloud without the need to change the applications in any way.” …then our […]

Hot on the heels of our new corporate blog, AIS is proud to announce that we’ve also redesigned and relaunched our corporate website at www.appliedis.com. From now on, our blog, events calendar and corporate site will be better integrated and together will fully showcase AIS’ work, ideas and innovations. Our new website will detail the extensive federal and commercial projects we’ve worked on and our firm’s full range of service offerings. It will also highlight premium content that discuss our […]