Your company’s SharePoint site should be personalized to reflect your brand and culture.  How your site looks can impact how much it’s used.  One of the easiest ways to complete this personalization is by incorporating graphics that “match” your organization.  Sometimes you have a great set of graphics and icons to start with, and sometimes it can be difficult to find “exactly” what you are looking for. In these instances I have to create my own graphic from “scratch” or […]

Are you still living on shared drives that are folders and folders deep?  Having trouble organizing, managing and sharing information and files? If you are like many of us who want to assign metadata that classifies and tags documents for easier search and better organize files and information, you’ve come to the right place! SharePoint 2013 can help prevent duplication of documents, enforce a consistent folder structure and allow for document management plus much much more. Our SharePoint Center of Excellence […]

Change Data Views from Boring to Flashy Data, data, data… Working professionals are inundated with data.  Anything that makes that data easier to understand, analyze, and compare is a welcome breath of fresh air.  Why snooze over a boring and static table when you can view key metrics at-a-glance in a snazzy chart? Many SharePoint sites are used for managing internal business processes where users store and analyze data. SharePoint 2013 makes it easy to store data in lists, and […]

Do you feel like the guy or gal at the party who missed the topic of discussion and now you’re stuck in the middle of a conversation with no idea what’s happening? Have you overheard endless hours about an application called SharePoint yet you still aren’t sure why anyone would need it? It came out in 2001, but you probably actually heard about it in 2007. Your office likely got it a few years back and now, just now you […]

“I want the site to look like REI” is the first thing my government client says as I sit down for our meeting. I laugh out loud because the purpose of my client’s site has little and less to do with selling camping gear and North Face jackets. However, I know exactly what he means. REI sells a huge range of products and the web interface is loaded with helpful filters to make searching the huge inventory simple. Plus, the […]

SharePoint. Let’s face it – you can’t escape it. And you shouldn’t ever want to, especially if your business is looking for enhanced content management and wide-range corporate communications. Here at AIS, we like to consider ourselves SharePoint experts. We’ve studied the various intricacies of the application, used it for countless client projects and published many blogs (yeah, here’s another one) and white papers about it. Recently, our client (FTI Consulting, with a network of approximately 3,800 employees in 23 […]

Consolidating multiple intranets across an organization is quite simple, when done correctly. Did you know that SharePoint is just the tool to help your organization accomplish such a feat? Well if not, then read on, because our work with Chemonics proves exactly what a global SharePoint application can do to promote better management of company information, assets and global resources. Our client, Chemonics, provides project management support for international aid projects. With a staff of 500, and a network of […]

Intranet 101: If your employees still use email to request information that’s on your intranet, your intranet is failing. Maybe it’s too hard to update, so everyone simply assumes the information there is outdated. Maybe the search functionality consistently returns irrelevant results. Maybe it’s not accessible from a smartphone or tablet. Whatever the reason, the result is the same: poor user adoption has doomed your intranet. For over 30 years, we’ve been building complex intranets for businesses and organizations of […]

In the world of SharePoint upgrades and migrations, a number of terms are thrown around and often used interchangeably. This post outlines several key terms that will be surfaced throughout a three-part series on upgrade/migration strategies for SharePoint 2013. If you would like to jump to another post, use the links below: Part 1 – Definitions (this post) Part 2 – Considerations Outside of SharePoint (Coming soon) Part 3 – Diving into Database Attach (Coming soon) In past revisions of […]