Our work with Rolling Stone and Bondi Digital Publishing is yet another example of how AIS can develop technology that creates new revenue streams for publishers. We built a digital distribution platform to usher print publications like Rolling Stone into the digital age – by providing them with a turnkey solution to deploy print magazine archives online for viewing on desktops, laptops and mobile devices. For Rolling Stone, the initial launch included more than 1,000 issues from 1967 to the […]

Creating SharePoint Sites From a Dynamics CRM Plugin With more and more companies adopting both Dynamics CRM and SharePoint into their corporate technology stacks, I’ve found myself integrating the two technologies more often than ever before. It’s quite cool. These are two extremely powerful systems and they both do what they are designed to do very well. I’m not going to go in-depth about what the differences are between these products…they are in totally different software “genres.” Apples and oranges. […]

In an earlier blog post, I discussed JavaScript functions at length. If you found yourself on Team Scar before, hopefully that post made you start thinking about switching sides; conversely, if you already liked JS, I hope I didn’t ruin it for you! I mentioned that I would cover JavaScript scope in my next post, so let’s get on with it! If you learned C/C++, then went on another C-style language (i.e. Java or C#), then you are very much like me. […]

User Experience (UX) Design not only makes things look great, it can actually increase productivity for intranets and sales for e-commerce. And yet I cannot tell you how many times UX Design is an afterthought. It’s only after all the planning and requirements are done that someone asks who is going to design it. When you approach a project that way you are taking a huge risk. UX Design is extremely important. Okay, yes, I am a designer so I […]

We often develop websites that require specific styling to render properly on the iPad via Safari. By default, sites served from one’s development machine are not accessible by other machines. So how does one go about allowing your iPad to access your website running within your local development environment? While not entirely straightforward, it’s actually a fairly simple process.

Previously, we looked at how to implement localization of an iOS app using storyboards. Then we discussed how to localize text that is generated programmatically. In this final article, we will examine how to determine the current locale of the device, and how to use that information to communicate with a web service. This is obviously very useful in those situations where your app is downloading data from a web service and needs to be able to display the correct […]

Are you a developer who adamantly hates JavaScript and would give up your firstborn before taking on a project that involves said language? If so, you are not alone. JavaScript seems to be one of those languages that polarizes us into two groups: TEAM SIMBA Members of this group believe JS is the rightful king of the web (and possibly server). They believe JS is easy and fun to develop with and mature enough to handle anything you throw at […]

Want to stream your local user group, code camp live over the Internet? This blog tells you how. Setup Requirements IIS Media Services 4.1 Expression Encoder 4 with Service Pack 2 There a couple of new changes/fixes done over SP1; you can read about them here. What is Live Streaming? Enables adaptive streaming of live events to Smooth Streaming clients Communicates through HTTP to deliver live events As IIS Media Services Extension Adaption based on User Network Bandwidth How Does […]

Are you working on a REST API and using the new Web API to implement it? You’ve written an ApiController subclass or two? Let’s say you’ve created a new subclass of ApiController called OrderController. WebAPI provides your OrderController with out-of-the-box support for the following URLs: HTTP Verb URL Description GET /api/order Returns all orders GET /api/order/3 Returns details order #3 POST /api/order Create new order PUT /api/order/3 Update order #3 DELETE /api/order/3 Delete order #3 The above is considered verb-based […]

Although AIS is proud to center their technology on Microsoft’s frameworks and technology stack, AIS is also adept at working with a broad range of other technologies to give clients solutions that are custom-tailored to their needs. One such project is the recently released Web Report Editing Tool, or WebRET. WebRET was custom-built in the Ohio Development Center for the specific needs of our government client. In this instance, the client needed a back end that was compatible with the […]