AIS developed a prototype web application for real-time collaboration and visualization of geospatial data. To learn more about this application check out parts one, two, and three of this blog series. In this post, I’ll briefly discuss the rationale behind our decision to convert the backend of our prototype from ASP.NET MVC to NodeJS and will dive into the details of the conversion process. Our goal was to show that while AIS has a proven track record of leveraging the […]

As a UX Designer, I admit that there are parts about Windows 8 that I love…and some I’ve hated. But I recently had the pleasure of training on UX Design for Windows 8.1 apps with two of Microsoft’s talented UX Evangelists and I learned a ton. After listening to users, Microsoft made some pretty important changes to the way we now design apps in Windows 8.1.

2013 was a great year for AIS — we worked on exciting projects for our terrific clients, built some cool apps and won some cool awards. We were honored with the 2013 Microsoft Mid-Atlantic Cloud Practice Award and are among the first Amazon Web Services partners to earn a “SharePoint on AWS” competency. And throughout the year, we wrote and blogged about our passion for cloud computing, SharePoint, going mobile, and doing “more with less” for our government and commercial clients. Here’s […]

How do you keep great clients coming back for more?  Do great work.  And thanks to the great work our team did developing and implementing a new player management system for the NFLPA, we’re now working with the Trust to develop a website, available on multiple platforms, to maintain active engagement with former NFL players.  Read on to learn more, or visit: 

I recently needed to make several web.config changes to our production SharePoint 2010 web farm. Making all of these modifications manually would have been tedious and would have left a lot of room for error. After doing some research to find a better way, I discovered the SPWebConfigModification class in the Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration namespace. This is basically  a collection of changes to be made to web.config files that can be stored and then applied to all web front-end servers in a […]

If you have a Web application that will receive even moderate traffic, you should probably perform some load testing. Load testing can help identify what your maximum operating capacity is, as well as any bottlenecks that might prevent you from reaching that capacity. Now I’m not going to do a deep-dive into load testing, but instead I’m going to show you how to use Team Foundation Service to perform that testing in the cloud. I’m only going to use a […]

AIS developed a prototype web application that leverages open standards for real-time data sharing and geospatial processing. It’s highly suggested you read our first two blog posts on this application, part one and part two. In this post, we are going to discuss three areas of improvement for the application. We wanted to improve collaboration, improve management of events by adding a search capability, and improve the edit capabilities.

I recently encountered a requirement to programmatically zip multiple files into an archive in a Windows 8 JavaScript/HTML app. The intent was to shrink the several large files as much as possible for eventual submission to a central server. This operation needed to occur without the user’s direct involvement as part of a larger data transmission process. While the Windows.Storage.Compression namespace does provide an interface for compressing individual files, there is no native support for creating a multi-file archive. In […]

AIS developed a prototype that highlights the features and capabilities of open standards for geospatial processing and real-time data sharing through web applications. If you haven’t already, please click here to read part one.  After getting the VIIRS data into our application using GeoServer, our next objective was to enhance the prototype to demonstrate some of the exciting things AIS is able to do through the use of various web technologies. Our goal was to provide a highly collaborative environment […]

The Windows Azure team reached out to AIS to build a Modern App proof of concept to be deployed across Microsoft Envisioning Centers worldwide. Modern App is a demo application showing Business-to-Consumer (B2C), Business-to-Business (B2B) and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) capabilities for cloud and on-premises-hosted applications. It’s a hybrid application, consisting of the latest Microsoft enterprise technologies. This demo app was built to show how the Microsoft stack can seamlessly integrate and help solve complex business problems. One of the […]