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    Build a Leave Request App with Power Apps

    This blog is a step-by-step walkthrough of building a fully functioning leave request app for any organization with a vacation, sick leave, military leave, bereavement leave, holidays, Jury Duty, and so on. This app will include a solution in the Common Data Service, a Model-Driven App, a Canvas App, and Power Automate. The Canvas App is…   Read more »

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    Power Apps DevOps Using Best Practices

    Assumptions This write up is executed in sequence in that if you jump to a section, it assumes you have completed the parts before it. This write-up assumes the following; You have a Power Apps tenant with administrative privileges. For the source control and CI/CD sections; An Azure DevOps project configured with the Power Apps Build…   Read more »

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    A Use Case for Containers in a Multi-Platform Environment

    I support projects where we have platforms like SharePoint, are looking towards adopting PowerApps, and have Azure Government subscriptions. While learning about containers, I wondered where they could fit into an environment where many applications are developed on top of SharePoint. This helped me better understand containers and discover the perfect use case. I thought…   Read more »

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    Five Real-World Scenarios Where Microsoft Dataflex is a Game Changer

    Last week, Microsoft introduced its new Dataflex technology for data services inside of Microsoft Teams, in addition to the rebranding of its former Common Data Service (CDS) to be called Dataflex Pro. I followed this up an hour later with a post on my Runway View blog that outlined four things to know and five…   Read more »

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    Power Platform Adoption Framework

    Enable Enterprise Power Platform Adoption Discover the start to finish approach to adopting Power Platform at scale in our free white paper download More and more organizations are transforming their business in the cloud, modernizing their legacy applications with enterprise-grade capabilities, and bringing rogue IT and quasi-apps out of the shadows. They are empowering citizen developers to…   Read more »

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    Using an Azure Logic App to Query Data in an On-Premises SQL Server Database

    This blog is part of a series of hands-on labs on leveraging the Power Platform and Microsoft Azure. To break this series up into more manageable chunks, in this installment, we’ll focus on setting up the On-Premises Gateway that will connect to our local SQL Server and the Azure Logic App that will use the…   Read more »

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    AIS is the Microsoft Partner of the Year for Power Apps and Power Automate

    Applied Information Sciences (AIS) has been recognized as the Microsoft Partner of the Year (2020) for Power Apps and Power Automate! This is an exciting award for our company and one which we are honored to receive. AIS has a long history helping customers in large, global, and often regulated industries work through their cloud…   Read more »

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    Power Apps Component Framework (PCF)

    A Framework to Meet Your Needs PowerApps comes with a wide variety of controls out of the box. However, these controls may not be on-brand or have the desired look and feel, functionality, or style for your app. The PowerApps Component Framework command-line interface tools let you create a custom PowerApps control specific to your individual…   Read more »

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    Pluralsight Course: Power Platform Administration Foundation

    As we are still adjusting to remote work, it has allowed me to uncover some extra time to record a Power Platform Administration Foundation Pluralsight course to complement the “dev side” course released in 2018, Low-Code Development with Power Apps. This course is designed for developers–both citizen and professional–interested in a low-code approach for building mobile…   Read more »

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    Wildcard Lookup Implementation in Microsoft Power Apps and Dynamics

    Executive Summary This blog post is for Power Apps developers as well as end-users that are looking for a wildcard-like solution for Lookup controls in Microsoft Power App and Dynamics. It begins by describing the problem that a client had with finding records where only part of the name was known. Next, it covers the workarounds…   Read more »