In this article, I will show you: How to restrict users from accessing certain features in a canvas app, while other users can still see and use features. How to use SharePoint action in Power Automate to authenticate a user. Why Restrict Access? In any App, there’s always more than one type of user. For example, there will be customers, staff, administrators, and so on in an event management application. An administrator will have access to everything; meanwhile, staff will […]

The Hyper-V role in Windows Server lets you create a virtualized computing environment to create and manage virtual machines. You can run multiple operating systems on one physical computer and isolate the operating systems from each other. With this technology, you can improve the effectiveness of your computing resources. Advantages with Hyper-V Provide more flexible, on-demand IT services by expanding your use of shared resources and adjusting utilization as demand changes. Hardware usage of more effectively for workloads on more […]

Assumptions Visual Studio Code is installed Dynamics 365 (Try for free) or Power App Model Driven App is available Overview One of the challenges I had when learning Dynamics 365 / Power Platform development was how to add custom functionality to the User Interface. The .NET developer in me was frustrated when I wanted to add a button to the page that triggered some server-side code. Eventually, I learned a pattern of adding HTML / JavaScript resources to the page […]

What is Azure Databricks? Azure Databricks is a data analytics platform that provides powerful computing capability, and the power comes from the Apache Spark cluster. In addition, Azure Databricks provides a collaborative platform for data engineers to share the clusters and workspaces, which yields higher productivity. Azure Databricks plays a major role in Azure Synapse, Data Lake, Azure Data Factory, etc., in the modern data warehouse architecture and integrates well with these resources. Data engineers and data architects work together […]

Introduction: Custom Pages give developers full flexibility to customize the page and connect to multiple data sources. Moreover, it allows us to use the low-code logic by using canvas designer to edit and create the pages. Features: Previously in the Model-Driven App, we could only add the existing view, charts, and dashboard into the Model-Driven App, which all correspond to one data source. But on a custom page, you can add one or more data sources by using the build-in […]

My last post explored How to Build A Teams apps using SharePoint Framework. To continue exploring Teams app development, I will build an app using Power Platform to compare in this post. Many walk-throughs exist; I used this one. My steps appear below, along with my thoughts, to compare the two approaches. First steps: Install Power Apps in your Teams instance. Open MS Teams (either the desktop or the web version) and then click the ellipsis at the bottom of […]

Symantec’s Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) is a storage management subsystem that allows you to manage physical disks as logical devices called volumes. This blog will outline and dive deeper into the components of a Veritas Volume Manager. Why VxVM? We have a volume manager called “LVM,” which comes with OS installation by default in the Linux operating system. Logical volumes are an alternate method of partitioning hard drive space. The capability has been built into the Linux kernel since 1999. […]

Challenges with Public Cloud One of the oldest problems facing cloud infrastructure services has been access control. Ensuring that resources can be accessed by users and services that need to access them and not by anything else has been problematic when those services are delivered through the public internet. Even as late as last year, cybersecurity data firm listed over 35,000 publicly accessible and unsecured databases, most of which were cloud-hosted. That’s over 35,000 data breaches that have likely […]

What is Puppet? Puppet is a configuration management and automation solution for the servers’ deployment, configuration, and management. In addition, it performs the following subsequent functions. For every single host, there will be a different configuration file which is defined by Puppet. It monitors and checks continuously if the configuration of the file is not changed. If it finds any changes in the file, it reverts to its original configuration on the host. Dynamic scaling-up of machines. It is a […]

About the Podcast I had the pleasure to once again be a guest on the .NET Rocks! podcast last month. This year marked my 11th time on the show! Carl, Richard, and I talked about how the cloud has changed data analytics. We discussed the latest data work at AIS and bringing a developer’s view to the approach. The cloud has changed bringing disparate data sources together for analytics. With the cloud’s compute-on-demand, you don’t need to do many transformations […]