Today is the official start of the 2012 Baltimore and Southwest Ohio GiveCamps.  For the second year in a row, AIS is providing support and sponsorship for these amazing weekend long events!

But what exactly is GiveCamp?

Well, GiveCamp is a 100% volunteer-driven event in which technology talent, media and branding gurus, business professionals and logistical coordinators donate their time and partner with local charities and non-profit organizations to allow coding miracles to happen.  All too often non-profit organizations and charities have true business needs for technology, but their limited budgets preclude proper technology investments.  This is where GiveCamp comes in.

Area talent graciously offers their time and services to assist with the development of websites, tracking or collaboration systems, data repositories and the like, to help local organizations in need, all for a good cause!  The AIS team is lending a hand through the volunteering of technical talent and logistical coordination.  Additionally, AIS is a sponsor of this year’s GiveCamps.  Last year, over $250,000 worth of technical services were donated to local non-profits and charities and we hope to make a bigger impact this year!

(You can check out videos and photos from Southwest Ohio GiveCamp 2011 here and here. The AIS team had a great time!)

The Talent Acquisition Team here at AIS continues to persevere with recruiting efforts within our federal and commercial practices as we continue to expand our presence and footprint within the market. While other firms focus on staffing contracts and driving their people to bill more hours, AIS focuses on delivery excellence.  We seek accountability and the opportunity to deliver solutions.  And we seek people with a similar, innate drive for excellence and focus on follow-through.

If you are a strong, motivated technical professional and are looking for the following:

  • The ability to work on the latest and greatest technologies and projects
  • The chance to work with the Best of the Best within the industry
  • The opportunity to join an innovative, dynamic, collaborative work environment

Then why not take a look at AIS?

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AIS leverages the latest innovations to solve challenging problems that keep our clients up at night.  This recipe for success has enabled our substantial growth.  We are therefore constantly seeking people who are driven to learn about the latest innovations and passionate about delivering solutions.  We want “true technologists” with the humanity and humility to successfully work in project teams.

Our people are challenged to understand the depth and breadth of a technology or process so we can offer sound guidance and appropriate solutions.  It’s that commitment to knowledge and understanding that motivates our employees and it’s the passion of our people that really drives this commitment.  These are the traits of the type of people we seek that allow us to grow and in a nutshell…it’s our type. Read More…