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Azure VMware Solution

Accelerate digital transformation and modernize your VMware.

Tap into the power, scale, and security of Azure’s global infrastructure.

Over the past decade, VMware has revolutionized data infrastructure consolidation, optimizing server investments for organizations worldwide. In today’s fast-paced digital era, there’s a pressing need to expedite digital transformation investments while simultaneously driving down CapEx and enhancing efficiencies. However, the journey to transformation isn’t a mere click away. Many enterprises still rely on critical business applications housed within data centers. These technologies, cultivated over the years, demand specific skill sets for operation and management. A direct shift to the cloud isn’t always feasible.

Enter Azure VMware Solution (AVS), your bridge to overcome cloud adoption challenges, offering a unified operating framework to run, manage, and secure applications across VMware environments and Microsoft Azure. With AVS, you can effortlessly transition your VMware workloads to the cloud, a service both Microsoft and VMware endorsed. AIS brings its expertise to the Azure VMware Solution (AVS). With our deep understanding of the Microsoft ecosystem, we are poised to help you seamlessly transition and modernize your VMware workloads to Azure.

Our Approach for AVS

  1. Strategy and Roadmapping: AIS will guide you in planning and roadmapping your AVS implementation, ensuring you’re aligned with the ever-evolving platform.
  2. Governance and Management: Trust AIS to govern and manage the complexities of AVS from start to finish.
  3. Architecture and Development: Benefit from an optimal architecture that supports your organization’s current needs and future growth on the platform.
  4. Migrations: AIS has a proven track record of successful migrations, ensuring you derive the maximum benefits from AVS.
  5. Support and Change Management: Our vast experience in organizational change management ensures that your transition to AVS is smooth and your users are well-supported.

Why Partner with AIS for Your AVS Migration?

Legacy of Excellence

AIS boasts a rich history in the IT sector, recognized as a National Solutions Provider by Microsoft and a member of the Microsoft Partner Advisory Council.

Advanced Specializations

We hold the prestigious “Microsoft Azure VMware Solution” advanced specialization certification from Microsoft. This is a testament to our profound knowledge and proven capabilities in migrating and optimizing VMware-based workloads in Azure.

VMware Expertise

AIS is a VMware partner and has certified VMware specialists. We also bring AIS’ developed Accelerators, Frameworks, and innovative migration platform to ensure a smooth “Lift & Optimize” transition to Azure VMware Solution (AVS) PaaS.

Comprehensive Migration Support

Whether you’re migrating a singular application or an entire VMware vCenter infrastructure portfolio, AIS is your go-to partner for a seamless cloud transition

Cost Efficiency

With AIS, you not only get technical expertise but also strategic insights on how to make your migration cost-effective, leveraging special benefits and funding from Microsoft.

Innovative Solutions

Our partnership with industry leaders, like VMware, Microsoft, and RiverMeadow, ensures that you get the best tools and solutions tailored for your migration needs.

  • AVS Success Story

    Investors Bank seamlessly transforms its data center using AVS

    “We just needed to find the right partner to help us redeploy the bank’s VMware-based enterprise workloads to Azure.”

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Learn how AVS can help with modernization.

Burdened by on-premises VMware workloads? Facing challenges migrating legacy applications to the cloud? Worried about cloud skilling, business disruption or refactoring complexities?

If you have been reluctant to move VMware workloads to the cloud, now is the time to reconsider. Learn how with help from AIS in this on-demand webinar.

LinkedIn Learning Course


LinkedIn Learning Course on Azure VMWare Solution

Azure VMware Solution offers a fast path to the cloud if your business has significant investments in the VMware ecosystem. It allows you to move to the cloud quickly and intuitively modernize your application.

This course will give you all the technical and strategic advice to help you succeed with Azure VMware Solution. This learning course offers three bonus videos you can access for free!