Azure API Management (APIM) is a cloud service that allows organizations to manage and secure APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). It provides features that enable organizations to securely expose their APIs to external developers and partners, resulting in accelerated development and collaboration while improving security and governance.
Managing how different APIs communicate within environments is a critical task. It depends on various fundamental factors, including client access management, latency optimization, keeping a check on bandwidth costs, and, most importantly – creating a robust system to ensure security.

Even though APIs have evolved into the foundation that holds the current digital ecosystems together, API security still needs more attention. A poorly designed API can disclose private data, and depending on the nature of the apps, some extremely sensitive information may be at risk. Moreover, hackers and cybercriminals seek opportunities where companies, business partners, and customers seek innovation and value.

Managing access control is one of the ways to enhance API security. Good API security demands strong access control methods to manage and regulate access to applications and resources.

The following video is a quick demo of API Management and Security in a B2B scenario where you only allow a specific set of business accounts to access your APIs.

    • Restricted access to the developer portal
    • User onboarding
    • API Gateway security