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Webinar:Unleash Generative AI: 3 Use Cases & How To Get Started

Topics: Intelligence

Join us as we explore how Generative AI is transforming Insurance, Healthcare, and other industries, driving efficiency, quality, and automation.


  • Use Cases
    • Insurance: See how Generative AI streamlines claims, underwriting, and risk assessment, turbocharging efficiency for insurers and policyholders.
    • Healthcare: Discover how Generative AI can support healthcare workers with content summarization, patient history and reporting, and more to improve patient outcomes.
    • Content Generation: Explore content automation with Generative AI, saving time while delivering engaging content consistently.
  • Security Considerations
    • Learn how we ensure security with prompt engineering and real-world security examples.
  • Offerings
    • Discover our tailored offerings to swiftly move from concept to business value.

Unlock Generative AI’s Potential in Insurance, Healthcare, and more. Register now!


Thursday, October 19th, from 1 pm to 2 pm EST


  • Drew Hartley, Managing Director
  • Warren Steger, Chief Analyst