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Whitepaper:Legacy Data Conversion

Topics: Legacy Modernization

Converting Legacy Data to Big Data Platform

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As you convert massive amounts of business-critical legacy data from mainframe system(s) to a modern cloud-based big data platform, there are three popular approaches that we at AIS suggest. But, where do you start? Our Legacy Data Conversion white paper covers the three different approaches in-depth, pros and cons of each approach, how to get started, and challenges you’ll face to help you determine the best avenue for your enterprise.

The approaches covered in this white paper include:

  1. At-Next Activation Approach — Convert at certain business intervals
  2. Big Bang Approach — One-time lift and shift
  3. Phased Approach — Selection based on region and time intervals

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AIS is built on a foundation of application development and software consulting capabilities. We are uniquely qualified to take our clients through all phases of legacy data migration to cloud adoption, modernization, innovation, and enablement of powerful cloud-native capabilities. We have built robust, highly performant, scalable custom data conversion components for our clients in highly regulated environments, from Defense & Intelligence to Insurance and Banking. Download our whitepaper to learn how you can successfully migrate large amounts of legacy data into a new cloud platform and reach out to AIS for guidance on getting started with your legacy modernization efforts.