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Whitepaper:Power Platform Adoption Framework

Topics: Power Apps, Power Platform

Enable Enterprise Power Platform Adoption

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More and more organizations are transforming their business in the cloud, modernizing their legacy applications with enterprise-grade capabilities, and bringing rogue IT and quasi-apps out of the shadows. They are empowering citizen developers to connect siloed data, engage customers, and drive ROI with powerful solutions in PowerApps, Power BI, Flow, the Common Data Service (CDS), and Dynamics 365.

Mature organizations realize that rigor, discipline, and best practices are needed to adopt cloud platforms at scale. AIS’ Power Platform Adoption Framework is the start-to-finish approach for adopting the platform at scale within enterprises. It helps enterprise organizations:

  • Get to value quickly
  • Educate, train, and grow their community of citizen developers and power users
  • Create durable partnerships between business, IT, and the user group community
  • Continuously improve ROI on the platform by identifying and migrating new workloads
  • Blend agile app development with rigorous enterprise management and governance

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At AIS, we’ve studied and learned from our friends, partners, and colleagues around the world. We’ve also built on our own long history with Power Platform’s predecessor technologies and transforming our clients’ businesses in the cloud. We’re sharing our Power Platform Adoption Framework so that everyone can use it because we believe that a vibrant and thriving community around this technology is good for everyone who uses it. We’ll continue to invest in, update, and share the framework as best practices revolve around it. We hope you’ll join us, build with us, learn from us, and teach us how to do this better. But as a start, we hope you’ll enjoy our free whitepaper by downloading it below.