Happy Friday! Here are some great posts from AIS team members‘ personal blogs…

Securing a Windows Azure endpoint…the VALID way…: “Many cool new services are being rolled out in the Windows Azure platform, but there is one feature that has been in place since Azure went live that is still very valuable to me: the ability to quickly roll-out locally developed functionality to the web using Web or Worker roles.” (bwodicka.wordpress.com)

Enable Automatic Code First Migrations On SQL Database in Azure Web Sites: “Azure is becoming increasingly easier to use – especially with features like Azure Web Sites. Being able to use Entity Framework Migrations in Azure makes deployment easier than ever.” (Steve Michelotti)

Creating an Offline Web Platform Installer for Service Bus 1.0: “Service Bus 1.0 is available only through Web Platform Installer at this time and it’s not readily apparent how you might use WPI for a network isolated environment. Hopefully this will help…” (cromwellhaus)

Netizen – Windows 8 app that makes it easy to follow congressional votes: A little extra background on our free Netizen app and why we created it. (Fleeting Thoughts)

Resources for How to Raise A Geek: “A list of tools, books, and ideas to help parents raise a geek. Raising a geek will bring you closer to your children, give them tools for the future, and you might learn something along the way.” (Steven Suing’s Blog)

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