brainThe debate is over. Public cloud infrastructure will become the backbone of Enterprise IT. But are you ready to make the shift? Do you have the trained staff, or the personal cloud experience, to make this transition successfully?

Vast Career Opportunities in Cloud

Adoption of the cloud by Enterprise IT is growing at a breakneck pace, creating a large skills gaps among individual organizations and a large demand for cloud talent among service providers.

A quick Indeed or Glassdoor search brings back 22,000+ Cloud Solutions Architect (CSA) positions in the US alone. The demand for CSA’s is greater than ever, but why?

CSAs are key to any company’s cloud transformation objectives. They are responsible for defining cloud adoption plans, setting up cloud application guidelines, as well as management and monitoring strategies. In addition, CSAs are also expected to provide hands-on technical leadership.

With the growing need for cloud support and talent, you’ll want to make sure your workforce (or your resume) is up to par and can keep up with the rapid development of best practices. The best way to do that is through specialized training and certification programs, like the Azure Master Class.

About the Azure Master Class Program

This class is the perfect fit for any architect, project lead, or senior developer with an interest in growing their cloud computing understanding and capabilities. The ultimate goal of the program is to instill a cloud thinking mindset, which goes beyond moving an existing application to the cloud or building a new application using cloud-native design and services. Cloud thinking is a solution-focused approach to building applications that maximize the strengths that cloud has to offer. (Download this free Gartner note, Predicts 2018: The Cloud Platform Becomes the Expedited Path to Value for more details).

This Azure Master Class is custom designed to help you take your existing architecture and design skills to the realm of cloud computing. We’ll quickly move beyond topics like “What is an App Service?” or “How to a setup highly available VM?” and discuss real-world guidance, best practices, and constraints associated with utilizing cloud services.

This class will help technical and non-technical leaders understand what cloud computing is and what it means without vendor cloud washing. The class was created and delivered by one of the most highly recognized enterprise architects in the US,  Vishwas Lele, and is presented by Vishwas in a personal capacity, not by his company Applied Information Sciences.

About the Presenter, Vishwas Lele

Vishwas Lele, a five-time Azure MVP and Microsoft Regional Director, has been working with cloud technologies since 2007 and helping commercial and private-sector organizations adopt the cloud. Vishwas has trained thousands of developers and is taking time away from his project work to offer this class twice a year.

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This Azure Master Class takes place June 18th – 20th in Reston, Virginia. The 3-day immersive training is filled with demos and code to help you develop a deep understanding of key cloud concepts. With such a wide range of topics to cover, hands-on labs are not run during the regular class hours. Instead, attendees are expected to fork the code repo created for the class and experiment on their own.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to attend this specialty class, extend your skills, and learn from Vishwas’ vast experience working on numerous cloud projects. Walk away with insights into cloud applications and patterns that will help further the cloud maturity of your organization as well as your own career development.

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