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Supercharge Productivity through Enterprise Collaboration Systems & Solutions Fueled by Microsoft 365.

Every modern business relies on enterprise software to operate more efficiently. You probably rely on multiple core business systems such as enterprise resource planning systems, financial applications, point-of-sale software, manufacturing applications, and others, to automate and streamline specific functions in your business.

But then there are the enterprise collaboration systems that all your employees use daily to do their jobs: email, word processors, spreadsheets, conferencing software, and many emerging applications for group collaboration, enterprise social networking, team communications, and more.

It’s hard to keep all your enterprise productivity and business collaboration applications current because upgrades are expensive and time-consuming.

That’s why many organizations are moving to cloud-based productivity and enterprise collaboration systems such as Microsoft 365; including Office 365, SharePoint Online, Teams, Yammer, Flow, and Power Apps. Microsoft 365 has emerged as the leading cloud-based productivity and business collaboration suite. Its original core set of Office programs has exploded to include rich internet-based telephony conferencing and meeting solutions (Skype for Business Online), team collaboration services (Microsoft Teams), personal productivity analytics (Microsoft Delve), and more.

Through our enterprise collaboration services, we’ve orchestrated Microsoft 365 deployments for all kinds of organizations and can help you quickly and painlessly get up and running on this employee-empowering set of applications.

Reconcile End Users and IT through Enterprise Collaboration Systems

In the last five to seven years, a phenomenon known as the consumerization of IT has complicated the work of company IT departments. End users who were traditionally captive audiences of IT have become avid users of consumer apps and devices — ranging from Apple iPhones and Google Docs to Uber, Facebook, and others — and have raised the standards for software application user experiences. These newly enlightened and emboldened users bring their consumer-shaped expectations to work and insist that their work applications be as easy to use, personalized, and mobile-friendly as the apps they enjoy in their personal lives.

IT departments have struggled to respond. Burdened by legacy environments and staff and budget constraints, most corporate IT departments can’t innovate and implement collaborative solutions as quickly as leading consumer software companies can. Efforts to deploy modern enterprise productivity tools often get bogged down, frustrating users and causing them to circumvent IT and use unauthorized business collaboration software at work — another modern phenomenon, known as shadow IT.

IT departments understand that cloud-based suites such as Office 365 are a good way to leapfrog over legacy roadblocks, but they’re often concerned about security, their lack of experience in deploying cloud-based applications, and unknown costs.

Enterprise Collaboration Solutions From AIS Can Help

Let AIS help you deploy your enterprise collaboration systems successfully. We’ll work with you from the initial planning, through email and document migration, to user adoption and support — ensuring minimal business disruption, maximum return on investment, and an abundant transfer of skills to your IT staff. Our strengths in deploying enterprise productivity tools include:

Enterprise Collaboration & Productivity Engagement Options

If you are eager to empower your users with modern enterprise productivity tools without burdening your IT staff, call AIS. We offer several engagements options for transforming your enterprise collaboration systems, like: