We are in awe of our team as they have reached another impressive milestone in support of our nation’s mission to modernize their IT footprint. Within the last week, AIS was able to successfully establish the first Microsoft Azure Impact Level 6 (IL6) instances and achieve a conditional Authority to Operate (ATO) at IL6. 

At the end of 2018, AIS was the first to establish a cloud connection at Impact Level 5, meaning our customers could connect and store any unclassified data on their Azure subscription.

By achieving an ATO for Microsoft Azure at IL(6), AIS has enabled classified missions to use the best which Azure’s public cloud has to offer – unparalleled connectivity, high availability, and resiliency. This new capability will bring commercial innovations, which meet the security and integrity requirements of classified workloads, to DoD’s secured networks. IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS Azure services (ex. artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), identity, analytics, security, and high-performance computing) will now be available for many more DoD systems and applications.

Dedicated to Enabling a More Secure Cloud for Government

Microsoft’s dedication to the public sector has been reflected in the continued investments made in Azure Government to enable the full spectrum of State, Local, and Federal agencies as well as all Military branches.

In addition to the recently achieved Provisional Authorization (PA) at the Department of Defense (DoD) IL6, Microsoft announced a third region to enable even higher availability for national security missions, released hundreds of new features and launched over 40 new services.

We Stand Alongside You to Back Your Mission

AIS is a proud Microsoft partner and stands alongside the products, technology investments, and values of the organization. We are honored to help pave the way for our government to increase performance and connectivity, reduce costs, realize actionable data insights, and enable faster mission innovations on the first cloud natively connected to classified networks – Azure Government.

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