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As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, diverse industries and siloed business groups are searching for new ways to streamline operations, improve collaboration, and protect sensitive data.

Our scalable cloud solutions address our clients’ most complex concerns, and with deep experience in financial services and insurance, our team is prepared to handle your toughest cloud problems.

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Modern insurance companies process massive volumes of sensitive information, and without well-integrated business process solutions, employees are often forced to waste precious time entering and managing data manually. With AIS, insurance companies gain the power to modernize their core systems, keeping their employees free to work on big-picture problems and stay compliant with both industry-based and state-specific regulatory compliance requirements.

From simplifying product enhancements with Power Platform to large-scale mainframe modernization efforts on Azure, AIS can help your insurance organization achieve the agility and cost savings you desire, using automation wherever possible.


As e-commerce platforms and online payment processing systems become the standard, major financial institutions around the world have turned to digital partners like AIS to modernize their core banking and payment systems, enabling them to respond to business and customer needs efficiently. Thanks to AIS’ ability to modernize complex operations in the cloud, our banking partners have seen boosts in customer experience, new and cost-effective product capabilities, and increased competitive advantage.

Capital Markets

The world of capital markets moves at the speed of thought, and with such high-value assets at stake, our investment services partners rely on us to reduce costs while increasing uptime. Our capital markets solutions can help your organization prevent money laundering, improve system security, and model risk with ease.

AIS helped a large investment services firm migrate their websites to the cloud to save money and improve reliability. With deep experience in regulated industries, we can help you migrate to the cloud to reduce costs without risking security and compliance, too.

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