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Retail & Manufacturing

Improving customer experiences with strategic IT

When rapid shifts in the supply chain, logistics, and unexpected shortages occur, tap into a modern data and compute infrastructure. Build smart stores and factories, resilient supply chain and logistics and support the high transaction workloads of modern retailers and manufacturers and integrate data from an ever-expanding number of applications and services. At AIS, we bring versatile, intuitive retail & manufacturing experience to your customers. AIS understands the challenges you face and the competitive advantages of taking your operations to the cloud with digital transformation.

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Retail & Manufacturing


Use the power of cloud and analytics to elevate shopper experience, drive omnichannel sales and support, and gain insights into shopper behavior.

Supply Chain

Using modern data infrastructure to build intelligent, resilient supply chains and logistics based on sound environmental, social, and governance principles.

Manufacturing and Automotive

Be Industry 4.0 ready and lead. Build smart factories and inventory management solutions using Mixed Reality and IoT.

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Best Practices for Data Intelligence

We developed a Data Intelligence Framework, employing visualization to make it easier than ever to decode various data points and help our clients tap into the relationship between their data and their missions.

Data Intelligence Services

Break down data silos, move from proprietary to open standard, and unify data to empower leadership with real-time, predictive insights with AIS.

Success Story
Pandora Charms Customers with Better Omnichannel Marketing

AIS built a connector between the company's Dynamics 365 CRM system to give them a 360-degree view of their customers.