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Legacy Application Modernization Services

Enterprise application modernization that empowers IT to innovate through agile and flexible emerging technology.

It’s time to transform your legacy applications with the power of new IT. AIS can help you modernize legacy apps, lowering operating costs, reducing risk, and ultimately creating a more efficient and agile application portfolio for you and the future of your enterprise.

Choosing an application modernization approach for your business apps isn’t easy. We start with an application portfolio assessment and will help you define the pros and cons of each approach — rehost, replatforming, or refactoring — outlining a roadmap to cloud migration for your apps.

The Impact of Enterprise Application Modernization

Maintaining legacy infrastructure takes time and money. When your IT is bogged down with maintenance, you have little time for innovation. This shift to modern IT solutions will help your internal team focus on revenue-generating initiatives rather than simply maintaining legacy apps.

Our legacy systems transformation strategies are tried and true, leveraging industry best practices as well as proprietary processes. We start by helping you identify your needs and challenges, then roadmap your journey using the right app modernization approach for you, or some hybrid combination that helps you scale your cloud maturity model to realize specific cloud-native features and functionality as needed.

The end result is easily managed legacy apps (in a new modern infrastructure), reduction in costs, focused IT and mitigated risk so your enterprise can function with ultimate agility and productivity.

Why Partner with AIS?

We take your legacy systems and get them operating in the cloud within weeks, not months. Our approach to enterprise application modernization delivers agility and efficiency through automation, low code/no code environments, global delivery capabilities, and more.

We help you future-proof your legacy apps and systems while cutting costs and maintaining smooth operations. What does this mean for you?

  • Ditch Data Centers — Alleviate challenges of provisioning of infrastructure in on-premises data centers by moving your portfolio of apps to the cloud.
  • Modernize Faster — Reach your end goal sooner with AIS’ proven app modernization approaches, allowing you to realize cloud hosting benefits faster.
  • Get Better Data Analytics — Realize new opportunities to monitor for and report on performance, compliance, security, and more.
  • Scale with Ease — With cloud hosting, you have more flexibility to “scale” the application resources as needed.
  • Improve Disaster Recovery — Greatly improve and modernize your disaster recovery posture with site recovery, cloud-backed storage of server disks, and more.

Our Legacy Application Modernization Services

We offer a range of app modernization services to help organizations get the most value from existing apps that provide long-term business value. Our professional services span the entire application migration lifecycle, starting with an initial application assessment, and ending by supporting your updated applications with cloud managed services.

Our Approach to App Modernization:

  • Discovery and application health assessment — We first provide a deep understanding of your legacy apps and software, enabling us to develop the business case around renewing existing applications given their short and long-term business value.
  • Rehosting services — Next we look at migration approaches to identify the right fit for your org, the first option being a simple lift & shift to get your apps on the cloud with minimal refactoring.
  • Replatforming services — Move your applications to newer, less expensive and more efficient business application platforms, like Microsoft Power Platform, Oracle, or Mainframe modernization.
  • Refactoring services — Choose to enhance your apps’ functionality with cloud-native design, making apps easier to maintain and scale.
  • Managed services — Keep your apps in good condition for future scaling through our trusted 24/7/365 managed services.

Get Started with AIS Today

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